Software Consulting

Among other things in Monad we offer following software consulting services

Architecture review

In architecture review we evaluate the structure and architecture of existing software solution. We map how existing technology choices and design solutions are supporting the current intended use of the software. We offer the customer a proposition, how the software architecture should be improved, so that the software would be suitable for further development and easily maintainable.

Implementation review

In implementation review we evaluate the internal code quality of the existing software solution one component at a time. We map how complex and coupled the code base is. We offer the customer a proposition the components of which need attention and how the code should be improved, so that the components are easily maintainable and suitable for further development.

Process review

In process review we evaluate the existing processes, tools and methods of a software project team. We survey the project working habits by interviewing the project team and the stakeholders for the project. With the help of this survey, we solve the bottlenecks and obstacles of the project. We offer the customer a proposition , how the processes should be improved, so that the productivity of the project increases.

Subcontractor review

Subcontractor review contains different parts of architecture, implementation and process reviews, which we apply on existing subcontracting software project. We investigate and map if your company gets the best possible software contracting at the best possible price. We offer the customer a proposition how they should proceed with the subcontracting in the future.

Database consulting
In database consulting we review existing database solutions and structures and how they apply for the current structural and performance needs of the system. We recognize the bottlenecks and structural problems. We offer the customer a proposition, how they should reform their database solutions and structures to achieve the best possible performance.
Database optimization
Database optimization is usually the next step of database consulting. This usually includes database maintenance functions to be applied, database structure optimization, database query optimization and column index optimization. We can even divide the whole data storage to different databases if the characteristics of data requires it.


If you don’t find example for your software consulting problem – don’t worry! Be in contact with us and we will figure out solution to your problem and we will give all our expertise at your disposal.