Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a top level concept which contains various intelligent solutions and learning systems

Autonomous robots
In the future robots are capable of sensing its environment and surroundings, and execute given tasks autonomously. Example cases include self-driving vehicles and vacuuming robots.
Image related machine learning
Image segmentation, pattern recognition or image categorization. Among other things, these techniques are used in machine vision applications.
Aiming to create a model according to historical observations, which can be used to create predictions about the future. Example case - predicting customer purchasing behaviour on basis of previous purchases.
Search algorithms and optimization
Finding optimal solution among the set of possible solutions which fulfil given preconditions. Possible use case - solving scheduling problems and route search and planning.
Automatization of labor

Boosting efficiency of manual production processes by helping manual labor or by automatizing complete work steps.

Personalization and recommendation
Recorded user activity can be analysed with the help of the machine learning algorithms, and thereby providing individual user experience. Example use case - video streaming services can recommend new videos to the user according to play history.

Artificial intelligence expertise and intelligent solutions

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