Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays there is a lot of hype around the concept of artificial intelligence. Companies are marketing and selling AI solutions that are not even exploiting modern AI techniques. In reality Artificial Intelligence is a top level concept which consists of intelligent solutions and learning systems. We can tell you where you can make use of modern AI and where not.

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Competitive advantage

Six reasons to work with Us


Long experience

We have worked with critical web services serving thousands of users as well as with control systems of huge industrial machinery. Long and wide experience on different software projects brings confidence and vision to deploy different software solutions.


Craftsmanship and quality

Software craftsmanship attitude and understanding of quality software is one of our core values. This assures that we can provide our customers software that is maintainable and stands the test of time. With our software you can succeed and prosper in you business.


Continuous development

Field of software development is evolving continuously - so will we. Our employees technical know-how is under continuous development. This assures that our clients have the latest software development information in use. We can tell you what is hype and what is not.


Fair and honest

We are fair towards to our clients. We tell honestly if the planned software project has some fundamental problems, if the schedule is unrealistic and we bring all the possible challenges into your attention. Thus our customers have a clear perspective when the project is ready and how much it requires resources.


Open communication

We discuss openly and often with our clients. We ask a lot of questions and sometimes we even like to question "believed facts". We want to learn our customer's business and the purpose of the software in the business. Thus we and our clients can understand what we are trying to achieve with the software.


High motivation

Fellowship and well being of our personnel is important to us. We are fair in the compensation and we want to provide the best tools and environment to our employees to do their work. These together assure that our customers are always working with highly motivated professional who gets results.

Our clients

Many customers and famous brands trust in our expertise