Software development with years of experience

Monad is a modern software house which invests in quality and trusts in it's know-how. Every employee at Monad has years of experience and they are true craftsmen in software development. Monad's solutions are efficient, maintainable and they stand the test of time.

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Our software development services

Software design

Design and implementation of software solutions and components. We have long experience on working with different kinds of software solutions from small scale projects to big enterprise sized softwares. We work closely with the customer to ensure the success of the project.

Web applications

Providing web applications, e-commerce and web solutions to our customers. When we combine style, usability and superior technical quality, you can expect to receive web solutions which impress you and your customers, and which help your business to succeed!


Software consulting

We offer consulting in various kinds of situations involved in the field of software engineering: software design and implementation reviews, software process review, software subcontractor reviews and auditions, database optimization and many others.


Artificial Intelligence

We have different skills in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For example: autonomous robots, pattern recognition, forecasting, search algorithms and optimization, manual work automatization and also personalization and recommendation.

Do you have other software development related needs or problems? Contact us and together with our professionals we investigate and unravel your problem and give you instructions how you should proceed.

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Our team

is our greatest asset

Marketing / Sales Aki Haapamäki
Senior Software Engineer Tomi Äijö
Senior Software Engineer Mikael von Bonsdorff
Senior Software Engineer Kimmo Yli-Rohdainen
Senior Software Engineer Markus Sertamo
Senior Software Engineer Jussi Ritamäki
Senior Software Engineer Juho Peltonen
Senior Software Engineer Tuomas Peltola
Senior Software Engineer Lauri Laaksonen
Senior Software Engineer Raine Kelkka
Senior Software Engineer Tomi Kurko
Senior Software Engineer Otto Esko
Senior Software Engineer Lassi Pohjoisvirta

We are software development professionals. Visit our LinkedIn profiles and you will see our extensive experience and wide area of expertise. Contact us and we can together determine how we could help you in software development related matters.

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What our clients say

“We have been very satisfied with Monad’s software expertise and productivity. Collaboration and communication with them is fluent and they create results that are maintainable.”

Vice President – MyLab Oy
Hannu Honkala

“Monad’s problem solving skills and strong technical know-how on software development has been impressive from the very start of our co-operation. Their skilful developers have been valuable support for our R&D department.”

Vice President - Quva Oy
Emil Ackerman

Our clients

Many customers and famous brands trust in our expertise

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Do you have software needs that markets are not providing?

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