Software design

Software design and software development with decades of experience

At Monad we practice software design and development on big software systems or just on an individual software components. At Monad software design and development means: surveying, specifying, defining, designing, implementing, testing, deploying and maintaining, or  a combination of these. Monad can offer you the best software design and development that money can buy. In our way of work we combine following things:

  • Long experience
  • Wide technical knowledge
  • Adaptivity
  • Cooperation with other companies
  • Mathematical knowhow
  • Understanding of different environments and concepts
  • Continuous communication
  • Engineering as a hobby

Among other things, Monad has experience in following techniques, concepts and tools:

  • C#, C/C++, F#, Java, Golang, Haskell
  • JavaScript (ES5-8), TypeScript
  • AngularJS/Angular, React, Redux
  • MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • .NET, Spring, Django, Qt, LLVM, Boost
  • REST, gRPC, ActiveMQ, JMS, Protocols
  • Azure, Heroku, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes


Together with you, we will survey your needs and do technical specification. After the technical specification we design, prototype, implement, test and deploy the software in short cycles. We exercise continuous communication with you to assure that we are developing the software in the right direction and that you always have the latest and bug free version of the software. Don’t hesitate to be in contact if you have software design needs in your company!