Capful utilizes modern technology to support scenario and strategy work

Capful is a business management consulting firm specializing in scenario work and strategy work. Capful’s goal is to help its customers, operating both in the private and public sectors, take advantage of the opportunities arising from changes in their operating environment, draw up successful strategies, and implement them efficiently.

To support its scenario and strategy work, Capful uses its own bespoke Scenario Builder solution, which enables Capful to build logical, justified, and mutually different scenarios as well as to use visualization for faster comparisons. The existing software needed updating to meet the requirements.

“We wanted the new solution to be easy and intuitive to use yet with a powerful analysis capability,” explains Managing Consultant Laura Vuorelma.

For the project, Capful mapped its partners, ending up with a handful of operators with strong application development and mathematical know-how who ticked all the boxes. The final decision was reached after a meeting:
“At the meeting, Monad convinced us with their competence. The shareholders’ commitment to the project was a sign of quality,” says Vuorelma.

Modern technology to support scenario and strategy work

Using modern web technologies, Monad implemented the migration of Capful’s data analysis software Scenario Builder to cloud as well the modernization of the service. The starting point of the project was Capful’s previous application and requirements. Although the basic idea remained largely the same, many details and technological choices took their final shape as a result of the collaboration.

Vuorelma praises Monad’s ideas and recommendations for polishing the finer details of the implementation:
“We also became confident that some of our own ideas were actually not too complicated to realize. All additional work and ideas felt possible.”

Monad suggested moving the service to a cloud. It was more suitable for the requirements of the software and enabled Capful’s clients to join in on projects handled through the application. What is more, the cloud migration enabled a multitude of different ways to use the application in the future.

There were also some useful additional features added to the software project, which progressed according to plan and in line with the targets. The revamped service received extremely positive feedback from users, especially with regard to its visuality.

“At no point during the project did we feel that something was hard or impossible to implement. Of course we knew what we wanted to use the solution for, but Monad introduced a new level of pragmatism as well as new ideas regarding the technical side of the implementation,” summarizes Vuorelma.

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Capful has over 20 years of experience and demonstrable evidence of the power of advanced methods and extensive cooperation with customers. The expertise pertaining to scenarios and other strategic anticipation supports the active future-proofing of the company’s clients. Capful’s clientele includes some important Finnish and global companies as well as public operators from a wide range of sectors. 

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