A new-generation software platform improves maintainability and new product development

Novatron has been developing machine control solutions in Finland since 1991. The company has contributed heavily to the standards and methods used in the industry. Novatron’s systems assist the operator, reducing the need to perform measurements on foot at the site. This improves the flow, quality, and efficiency of work and ensures site safety, especially on challenging infrastructure construction sites. The machine control system tells the operator what the job is and where and how to perform it, without the operator having to exit the cab.

The machine applications of Novatron’s Xsite machine control product family are built on the Xsite software platform. The need to develop a new platform generation is pressing in order to modernize the software technologies used in the previous version. The upgrade ensures the system’s functionality and maintainability in the future and makes it faster and easier to build applications. As the new platform generation improves usability and enables new features, it also serves the users of Xsite products.

“We’re a family business with strong machine control system know-how. We do pretty much everything ourselves, from the actual devices to the software. For us, the migration to a new generation of the Xsite platform also means easier development of new products,” says the product development project manager Mikko Kipinoinen, Novatron.

Monad is building a new architecture

Monad has been involved in the development of the new Xsite software platform as part of a team comprising Novatron’s own developers and subcontractors. Monad’s expert has played an integral part in the construction of the architecture, offering an outsider’s perspective to the project. In addition, there is a related calibration and configuration tool being built for the platform.

Kipinoinen is full of praise for Monad’s expertise and comprehensive understanding from the viewpoint of both the technical implementation, business aspect, and users:

“We have benefited from an outsider’s outlook, which has broadened the perspective of our whole team. We also value Monad’s incredible ability to understand our customers’ potential needs and take them into account in the implementation.”

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About the company

Novatron Oy is a Finnish technology firm specializing in infrastructure construction automation. Novatron has over 30 years of experience from infrastructure construction automation. The company has 130 employees. Novatron is owned by the Tervahauta family and MOBA Mobile Automation AG Group as a minority shareholder. Domiciled in Germany, MOBA is a global company specializing in mobile work machine automation.

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