Social welfare and health care big data integration provides better care

Tietoevry is a leading Nordic company that provides integrated digital solutions for the social welfare and health care sectors. Tietoevry’s solutions are aimed at improving care pathways.

Monad has taken part in software projects pertaining to the collection, review, and integration of medical data. The social welfare and health care big data is a constantly growing mass of data. Processing it using IT solutions requires security, reliability, and speed as well as the integration of data with different social welfare and health care systems.

As part of Tietoevry’s team, Monad’s experts have helped to realize various data integrations, manage the metadata of the collected data, and implement an application designed for viewing patient data.

Smart expertise for cloud solutions

According to Hannu Tissari, Head of Data Platform Delivery, Tietoevry Care, Monad’s strength is its ability to offer exactly the right kind of know-how:

“The cooperation is seamless, and Monad’s employees want to be an important part of our team as experts.” 

The cooperation regarding data- and cloud-oriented as well as product-based health care solutions has laid the foundation for strong trust in terms of collaboration. Tissari praises the expertise of Monad’s employees, specifically with regard to cloud implementation-related solutions.

“We have been working together with Monad for several years now, and I have no qualms recommending them. I can be 100% certain that things will get done properly,” says Hannu Tissari. 

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About the company

A Finnish company, Tietoevry employs 24,000 cloud technology, data, and software specialists globally. The company has thousands of customers operating in the private and public sectors in over 90 countries. Tietoevry’s annual revenue is approximately EUR 3 billion, and the company’s shares are listed in NASDAQ Helsinki and Stockholm as well as Oslo Børs.

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