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Aninkainen produces property brochures effectively using Monad’s cloud service

Established in 1964, the real estate agency chain Aninkainen has grown into a business employing over 100 professionals. Aninkainen was looking for a cloud-based online application for its real estate agents to create property brochures. The property brochure generator needed to be easy to use and flexible, and the finished brochures needed to be aligned with Aninkainen’s brand elements. 

“We wanted a unique software solution that no one else has access to. Monad built us a functional and accessible system without any unnecessary added costs. Monad was one of the very few software companies taking part in the competitive tendering who seemed to get what we needed,” says Business Director Eva Palmroth.

Customer-focused software solutions save money

The property brochure generator was constructed in a cost-effective, clear, and justified way. The project kicked off in late 2018, and the first software demo was delivered to the customer already in early March. By the end of the month, the service was launched for the whole real estate agency chain. The customer was involved in each step of the development project. The end result was a cloud software solution, which met the targets ahead of the planned schedule. 

“At no point did we wonder what kind of software development we were buying or whether the project would stay in budget. We were kept completely up-to-date about each additional cost, and there were no hidden costs,” says Palmroth. 

A competent software company takes into account future development needs

It is not enough for Monad that the software is simply functional. It must also be well-built, which makes it maintainable. The software has been slightly fine-tuned based on user experiences. Monad is also planning to add some new features and expand the system:

“Our collaboration did not end with the service deployed and invoices submitted for the project. Even after all that, any questions we had were promptly answered. There were things we didn’t think of ourselves, but luckily we could rely on Monad’s expertise. Monad’s service has been exceptionally professional, and I can heartily recommend them,” concludes Palmroth.

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The head office of Aninkaisten Kiinteistövälitys Oy is located in Turku, Finland. In addition, Aninkainen has offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Vantaa, Iisalmi, Kaarina, Kotka, Laukaa, Lieto, Raisio, and Seinäjoki. The chain has been under the ownership of Jethro Rostedt since 2004. 

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