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Dance Up Academy’s upgraded online service makes daily life at the school easier

Dance Up Academy is a private dance academy, which offers training to children, young people, and grown-ups at three different locations in Tampere and Kangasala. One of the services is the Dance After-School Club for year 1&2 students, organized in collaboration with the City of Tampere.

The goal of upgrading the online service was to create an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain student management system for the students and the school staff. The visual look of the website was also updated.

“We needed to update the functionalities of the website and give its visual look a facelift. At the same time, our teachers wanted to have the opportunity to influence the contents, make changes to the courses, and manage the students. What’s more, we wanted the ability to easily update the content of our website in the future without outside help,” explains dance pedagogue Julia Van Camp, one of Dance Up Academy’s two owners.

A package tailored to the needs of the school

The backbone of the user-facing website is formed by the student management system, which enables the academy’s staff to manage the courses, teachers, students, and bookings. To begin with, the backend development involved identifying the individual needs of the school with regard to the information processed by the system. Future requirements were also taken into consideration, such as the ability to organize a variety of electronic courses in the future. 

In terms of the website, it was essential that students have easy access to information via a computer or a mobile device. Another key factor was the speed of the site. In addition, updating the static pages of the website, such as the school introduction, was made as straightforward and easy as possible for the admins. On the website, students and their guardians can sign up for courses and, if necessary, update their personal and payment information. 

Because of the specific requirements of Dance Up Academy, a bespoke solution built from the scratch made more sense overall and offered a more cost-effective option from a maintenance point of view than customizing, e.g. an existing commercial student management system or a general content management system. Due to the course, status, and personal information processed in the student management system, the security of the system was a priority. 

More autonomy for teachers

Julia Van Camp is full of praise for the ease of use of the student management system and the website. Teaching the basics of the system to the staff only took half an hour. 

“The system enables the teachers to manage their courses and students with full autonomy. In part, it reduces overlapping administrative work. Our students and their parents have been extremely pleased with our super functional system,” she says. 

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About the company

Dance Up Academy was established in 2012. From early on, its aim has been to make the a dance school activities more child- and family-friendly. The current name of the school as well as the extended service offering came into being in 2015. Dance Up Academy provides basic dance training. Its objective is to offer children and young people goal-oriented long-term dance training based on a new concept, which combines a healthy recreational activity with a communal atmosphere to make exercise fun. 

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