Fast hour logging and automated invoicing

NoTime is an intuitive and straightforward solution for logging and invoicing hourly work. Its ease and speed of use lower the threshold for logging hours and reduce the financial waste resulting from incorrect entries.

In NoTime, a working hour monitoring system developed by Monad, hours are logged securely and easily using a web browser on a computer or a mobile device without a dedicated application. Logging hours immediately during work reduces not only the number of errors but the time spent on entering hours, as you do not need to rack your brain to recall the tasks you performed or to search for them in your calendar, messages, or notes. The system supports both salary payments and invoicing. NoTime can be integrated into the most popular financial administration systems used in Finland.

“When it comes to expert work, logging hours should take no time and it should be a walk in the park. That way, the employee can concentrate on their work without wasting time on reporting on it. The real-time logging of working hours improves the company’s situation picture in terms of both resources and productivity,” explains software developer Mikael von Bonsdorff.

Complete implementation in-house

The idea for NoTime was born out of our company’s own need for an agile and straightforward system for logging hours. The service was implemented completely in-house, enabled by funding from Business Finland. In addition to customer projects, the project enabled our own staff to get involved in product development at each stage. At the same time, it provided a growing company with an opportunity for a new type of business.

Implemented in the cloud, NoTime utilizes modern web application technologies, which enable security, reliability, scalability, and upgradeability. Furthermore, the application is all about responsiveness to make the user experience as consistent as possible, irrespective of whether you use the service on your computer or on your mobile device.

“For us, software development should be sustainable, aimed at making the software work in a stable way in this moment in time as well as enabling good further development and scalability in the future without compromising on the features. The way NoTime was developed is all about this uncompromising attitude,” says von Bonsdorff.

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Established in 2017, Monad was born from the desire of three software developers to create state-of-the-art digital solutions to meet contemporary needs and to stand the test of time. By the same token, the goal was to create a workplace for proud professionals, enabling everyone to be the best version of themselves. NoTime is Monad’s first own software product.

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