Building a Web interface parallel to the Meazurem mobile app 

Aimed at the global market, Meazurem is an application used to monitor data collected by IoT sensors location-independently. The sensors can be used to monitor, e.g. temperature, humidity, and air pressure data. Popular uses of the application meant for both consumer and corporate customers include homes and summer cottages, construction and food companies as well as restaurants. 

Initially, only the mobile app version of Meazurem could be used to monitor the data stored on the cloud by IoT sensors. Monad built a browser-based user interface for Meazurem utilizing modern Web technologies. The goal of the Web interface is to provide a wider range of services and meet the reporting needs of corporate customers in particular. 

Building a Web interface parallel to the mobile app

Designed for consumers, Meazurem was quickly discovered by corporate users. Companies have used Meazurem, e.g. in the construction, food, and restaurant industries where the service has made it possible to monitor the cold chain of food products, for example. The reporting features required by corporate users necessitated a Web interface. For instance, restaurants are obliged to compile self-monitoring reports, which they wanted to link to the data printed out from Meazurem. 

The building of the new user interface started with a joint assessment of needs and objectives as well as the specification of key functionalities. The service design aimed to take into consideration the customers’ needs. Time was spent especially on the service design and on understanding the customer’s needs. Monad built the interface using modern Web technologies (TypeScript, React, Redux, Saga, MaterialUI, HighCharts, NodeJs, puppeteer, GitLab, AWS).

The project also involved designing and implementing the continuous integration of Meazurem and its publishing mechanisms. They ensured that it is always easy to publish the latest and working version of the service.

“All in all, everything went smoothly, and the implemented technical solutions are good,” says Meazurem’s Riku Pelander.

With the Web interface implemented in cooperation with Monad, Meazurem will be able to meet the future needs of its corporate customers in particular in a versatile way, which should also help with finding new potential customers.

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Meazurem is service by Creosys Ltd. We are a bootstrapped, profitable and independent company headquartered in Akaa, Finland.

Skills used

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React, Redux, Saga, MaterialUI, HighCharts
  • Backend: NodeJs, puppeteer, mongodb
  • CI/Cloud: GitLab, AWS

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