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Mylab provides software for health care professionals

Mylab is a Tampere success story: Established in 1987, the company employs a staff of 90 and provides online systems for health care and laboratory centers. A dominant player in its sector, Mylab boasts a 75% market share. The company aims to grow globally.

Mylab uses subcontractor partners to supplement its software development know-how. One of the most important of them is Monad. The team working on the Mylab account has grown from one Monad employee to a full-stack software development team with 5 to 6 members in just a couple of years. 

According to Hannu Honkala, Vice president, Head of Sales and Admin, Mylab, Monad has played an important role in the success of Mylab’s key projects. He is full of praise for the collaboration.

“I don’t even dare to think what would have happened if we hadn’t had such top pros at our disposal so quickly.”

Coding chameleons and smart software designers

Mylab creates software for microbiology and pathology professionals, for example. Each area of specialization has its own specific needs and requirements. Monad’s software development team has had to learn new systems very quickly and get a firm understanding of the goals of software design. 

“Even though we have a fairly idiosyncratic software environment, the initiation to projects is extremely fast. The guys from Monad have first-grade coding skills and attitude,” says Honkala. 

Tampere is one of the leading software development hubs, and Mylab wants its partners to be near.

“We appreciate the ability to get the team around the same table, if required. We know that we can always arrange a face-to-face meeting if we need to,” says Honkala. 

Mylab and Monad have built a relationship of trust, which Honkala likes.

“We have been able to hand them tasks involving increasing levels of responsibility. By now, they are capable of working more and more independently. Although we provide a high degree of specifications, they always seem to be able to improve the coding solutions.”

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Established in 1987, Mylab is a leading health care laboratory and diagnostic information system expert in the Nordic countries. The company implements technological solutions for the health care sector to support the ability of people to lead a longer, healthier, and higher-quality life.

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